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Leadership Southeast Vermont prepares leaders to affect change in our communities. The program is designed to create an understanding of obligation and commitment to becoming "trustees" of our communities. 

2024-2025 Program Sessions

 Leadership Southeast Vermont is an intensive interactive 10 month program.

Each meeting focuses on a community theme. Through presentations, group discussions, field trips, and class projects, participants are immersed in the many aspects and complexities of the issues facing our communities. 

The program starts with an Orientation Day in September and ends with Graduation in June.

* Sessions are held the first Thursday of each month and run from 8am-5pm unless otherwise noted. 

Orientation Day

September 14th*

Participants become acquainted with each other and learn about the upcoming sessions and all that the program has to offer. 

Regional & Cultural History 

October 5th


Participants start their journey through Southern Vermont in Windsor, the birthplace of Vermont. Speakers cover important moments of history in Brattleboro, Bellows Falls, and Springfield. Tours are given at the Constitution House and the American Precision Museum. 

Human Service

November 2nd


The November session is spent at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. LSEVT particpants tour the school and listen to panel presentations by human resource agencies around the area.

Politics & Governmen

December 7th

Vermont capitol building.jpg

LSEVT participants get to see our Government in action with a trip to Montpelier. This is the only session held outside of Southern Vermont.


January 11th


Participants get to tour the Southern State Correctional Facility and Springfield Police Department. The session includes presentations from Probation and Parole, the Springfield PD, and the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Corrections.

Communications & Media

February 1st


Participants learn about different uses of communication and media in Southern Vermont. Last year was a visit to the Black River Innovation Campus, where participants heard from experts on a range of communication skills, from online branding, to effectively running meetings. Following that they got a tour of SAPA's new recording studio.

Economic Development

March 7th


Participants hear from many different speakers discussing Economic Development plans and projects throughout Southern Vermont. 

Health Care

April 4th


Traditionally held in Brattleboro or Springfield, LSEVT participants get a view of the Vermont Health Care System. 


May 2nd


The Education session is held at an area Technical Center. Participants get to tour the Center and learn about different programs offered to students. They also hear from speakers about education on the State and local level. 


June 6th

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony 

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