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Each participant benefits by expanding his or her understanding of the history and institutions which define Southeastern Vermont. 


Every sending employer benefits by having a better informed, well-connected employee who can see how the “big picture” relates to his or her workplace.


Most of all, the region benefits as new leaders are formed and existing leaders become better informed about the community’s assets and challenges.  This benefit is both long-term and immediate, as each class completes a major project in service to the community.

Benefits to Indivduals

1. Strengthened relationships with the community


2. Personal growth, particulary in leadership skills


3. Understanding of resources within our region


4. Knowledge of business sectors in our region


5. Increased awareness of emerging community issues 


6. Group dynamics skills


7. Networking


8. Better understanding of local government and opportunity to engage around community issues. 

Benefits to Businesses

1.  Strengthened relationship with the community 


2. Exposure – students & session leaders learn about the sending businesses 


3.  Development of leadership skills in participating staff member 


4.  Participation in an established community initiative (LSEVT) 


5.  Networking 


6.  Business/Sales Connections 


7.  Understanding the nuances of our community

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