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Class of 2018

Alina Abraham

Shawna Bah

Amber Bedi

Nina Bisciotti

Gabby Ciuffreda

Todd Fahey

Vicki Friedman

Heather Hartford

Sarah Lang

Michele Noel

Jennifer Short

Danielle Southwell

Emma Stewart


Brattleboro Housing Partnerships

Mount Ascutney Hospital & Health Center

Hartness House Inn

M&S Development

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Strolling of the Heifers

Springfield Regional Development Corporation

Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

Brattleboro Retreat

Brattleboro Housing Partnerships


Windham & Windsor Housing Trust


Red Team: Video documenting and promoting the work of food banks.

Green Team: Painting uplifting and inspiring words and sayings in Kurn Hattin Homes' student bathrooms.

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