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Leadership Southeast Vermont gives participants the tools, experience, and education to be successful leaders. Participants can expect to gain a better understanding of Southeast Vermont, to network with other participants and lecturers from around the State, and experience personal growth.

2024-2025 Application

Now Available

No Experience Necessary

Leadership Southeast Vermont brings together people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and views, who have a strong interest in becoming active leaders in their communities. Whether you know very little about the community in which you live, or are already a member of numerous committees, you could be a perfect candidate. Prior experience is not necessary. What is required is a genuine concern about the future of Southern Vermont and a willingness to commit to a personal involvement in the shaping of that future. 


Leadership Southeast Vermont prepares leaders to affect change in our communities. The program is designed to create an understanding of obligation and commitment to becoming "trustees" of our communities. 

Supporting Our Communities

Each year participants of Leadership Southeast Vermont complete a community-based project. The class is divided into two groups and the project is the decision of each group.  Participants often draw inspiration from the Human Services session when they learn the needs of the vulnerable populations in each community. It is not uncommon for participants to finish Leadership Southeast Vermont and go on to serve on non-profit boards that they connected with during their time in the program. 

Who Benefits 

Each participant benefits by expanding his or her understanding of the history and institutions which define Southeastern Vermont. 

Every sending employer benefits by having a better informed, well-connected employee who can see how the “big picture” relates to his or her workplace.

Most of all, the region benefits as new leaders are formed and existing leaders become better informed about the community’s assets and challenges.  This benefit is both long-term and immediate, as each class completes a major project in service to the community.

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