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Class of 2019

Kelly Broker-Campbell

Rebecca Burns

Caitlin Castellini

Christine Fields

Kelley Hitchcock

Erik Johnson

Nicole Kirby

Scott Newton

Jennifer Parker Williams

Philip Trejo

Derek Williams

River Valley Technical Center

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Springfield Medical Care Systems


The Hartness House

Brattleboro Police Department

The Brattleboro Retreat

Brattleboro Housing Partnerships


Springfield School District

River Valley Technical Center


Intro to careers at Union Street School with multiple businesses participating. The Springfield Fire Dept. came with the fire trucks, VTRANS with the BIG trucks which were driven by women, and Springfield Hospital nurses who were men to show that you can do anything.  We also taught the whole 2nd grade individually how to look someone in the eyes, introduce themselves and properly shake someone’s hand.

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